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A wide variety of applications

Hundreds of published papers using SASB

Here  again, is a link to a list of known published papers using SASB as of 2017.  More complete and recent listings are available in DOI links provided below and on other pages of this website.

Known books and papers using SASB 2017


Simple is beautiful

Links to papers using SASB to study selected important topics including:

Therapy process  Access abstracts DOI on SASB studies of therapy process

Study of disorders  Access abstracts DOI on SASB Studies of Disorders

Predicting therapy outcome Access abstracts DOI on SASB studies of therapy outcomes

Supervision Access abstracts DOI on SASB studies of supervision and training

Instrumentation and assessment Access abstracts DOI on SASB in Instrumentation and Assessment

Personality disorders Access to abstracts DOI on SASB studies of personality disorders

Dissertation studies 1 SASB dissertation with LB advisor coadvisor or active committee member

Dissertation studies 2  citations of dissertations independent from LSB that mention SASB in the abstract 2013

Publications on Various other topics of interest Access abstracts DOI on SASB in other applications




2 comments on “A wide variety of applications

  1. marijke burger
    May 17, 2016

    I am Marijke Burger (the netherlands). In the early nineteens of the former century worked with Germie van den Berg by assisting her with her work using the SASB as an analytic instrument. The SASB became very important to me and helped me understanding a lot of problems. At this moment I am working on a chapter of a book about social inclusion. In this chapter I explain the working of the SASB. It would make me very glad if you allow me to use the figure ‘One word cluster version of SASB from Benjamin, 1996. (c) Guilford Press’ in my chapter.
    Wth kind regards,

    • Lorna Smith Benjamin
      June 5, 2016

      Dear Marijke Burger,
      Germie van den Berg did wonderful work with SASB and I appreciate your interest in SASB too. Permission for using the SASB model you mention can be obtained by contacting the permissions department at guilford.com They usually forward the wording of citations to me (at LSB_3@MSN.com) for review and comment. Sometimes that avoids the need to publish Errata. Thank you and best wishes.
      Lorna Smith Benjamin


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