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The latest in SASB and IRT

Instruments using SASB

Sometimes SASB is used to validate other instruments.  Sometimes its structure is inherent (and explicitly acknowledged) in alternative ways of assessing psychological constructs related to clinical issues.

Here are some published descriptions of instruments that draw on SASB concepts in some way:

Access abstracts DOI on SASB in Instrumentation and Assessment

SASB codes of DSM-IV items  defining personality disorder  were used to construct items of the Wisconsin Personality Disorders Inventory (WISPI). Naturally these have been used in studies focusing on personality disorders

if you would like more information about WISPI,  here is a link to the WISPI site


And here are some references to papers that have used WISPI

Access DOI on the WISPI



SASB is a part of the OPD (Operationalized Psychodynamic Disagnostic)  system used in parts of Europe for diagnosing personality

3S SASB model in First pubished two word cluster version 1987

The 2 word cluster version of SASB published in 1987 by Guilford press after copyright was transferred from Intrex Interpersonal Institute manual, copyright 1982


3SS OPD Axis II model upright

The OPD model for the Personality Disorders Axis

References for OPD

3 OPD and SASB          



SASB is part of the method for describing  interactions in the CCRT (Core Conflict Relationship Themes) system by Luborsky, Crits- Christoph and others. 

References for CCRT



SASB is part of the CMP (Cyclical Maladaptive Patterns) system used to study therapy process by Strupp,  Henry, Schacht and others

Reference for CMP



My suggestions and materials while serving as an advisor to the DSM-IV Axis II (personality disorders) task force were based on my use of SASB in research and clinical practice.  The perspective is summarized in my book on Interpersonal Diagnosis and Treatment of Personality Disorders (Guilford Press, first edition 1993).  Hopefully in the summer of 2013 I will find time to prepare a third edition at the request of the publisher. I propose to link the book’s descriptions of personality disorder to “natural biology” as described in my new (still in draft) book on Interpersonal Diagnosis and Treatment of Anger, Anxiety and Depression.

The editor and science editor of DSM-IV said that thee perspective in my book on personality disorders contributed to the DSM-IV. I appreciate that they took the trouble to send note confirming that comment.

5 DSM_4 and SASB


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