Lorna Smith Benjamin

The latest in SASB and IRT

Interpersonal Reconstructive Therapy

  Benjamin, L. S. Interpersonal Reconstructive Therapy (IRT): an integrative personality-based treatment for complex cases. New York: Guilford Press. (2003; paperback edition 2006)

IRT, a longer term therapy,  is especially appropriate  for people who have been in therapy before and  have not yet succeeded in changing feelings (anger, anxiety, depression) and behavior patterns that are irrational, maladaptive and unwanted. Deep understanding and warm support are vital for this and any other effective psychotherapy, but when change has not emerged in previous treatments that have offered warm support and excellent instructions, more is needed.  IRT offers a clear way of understanding such unwitting “treatment resistance” and helps people who are up for the challenge of giving up old ways of coping move on to realize their “Birthright Self.”  IRT therapists refer people for medications as needed, but the goal is to reduce and sometimes, after a lengthy and successful complete reconstruction, eliminate the need for them. 

Online Descriptions and Reviews of the IRT book:




Reviews of the IRT book in professional journals:



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